Cloud Computing represents one of the most significant shifts in information technology. Customers are both excited and nervous at the prospect of cloud computing. They are excited by the opportunities to reduce capital cost, divest infrastructure management and focus on core competencies. However customers also are very concerned about security risks of cloud computing.

The new Identity-Based Privacy (IBP) protection represents significant shift in the Cloud Computing Security Market, ensuring customers the confidentiality, privacy and integrity of their data.

Complete Solution:
All businesses benefit from being more connected to their customers, suppliers and partners. LEADict focuses on B2B/B2C data sharing and exchange to establish easier and more profitable collaboration.

Core module:
File.Storage - WebRTC Portal.
As an email, Skype, Dropbox and FTP alternative, File.Storage helps users collaborate and manage critical content simply and securely.

File.Storage is a Rich Communication Suite running on cloud and premises. It is tightly integrated with your own and your partners' Identity and Access Management systems. File.Storage's process automation and information sharing improve a company's productivity and responsiveness, while B2B workflow helps companies to monitor and administrate their process execution. LEADict offers process analysis, workflow automation and tasks orchestration of your core business processes.

Integration with legacy systems:
The ideal business model for data sharing and exchanges is to transmit the information immediately throughout your own and your partners' organizations. Typically, the data must pass through some disconnected systems, such as ERP, SCM or CRM. The challenge is communicating with these legacy applications. They may have been developed decades ago and have been continually refined and upgraded over the years. LEADict offers custom File.Storage integration with your legacy systems.